When guests check into our hotel they will notice a number of adjustments to the Hotel’s operation designed to minimize risk and enhance safety for our guests and staff. It is crucial to meet the new health and safety challenges presented by the current pandemic environment.

New arrangements have been taken, new hygiene protocols have been implemented and our personnel are carefully trained to ensure health and safety on both sides.

In case any problem arises, immediate actions would be:
1. To record an illness.
2. To monitor closely its development.
3. To implement emergency procedures immediately, if needed.

Below, you can find all additional arrangements verifying our hygiene status.

Verification of Status
All standards in the following areas have been audited and verified:

  • Prevention of the spread of infection.
  • Pool hygiene and safety.
  • Room cleaning and housekeeping.
  • Any suspicious incident will be maintained and recorded.

Crisis Management and Business Continuity

  • All procedures and systems are in place to ensure that the hotel has a crisis management and business continuity plan.
  • All additional arrangements are in place for implementing quarantine, separation, or isolation required by national protocol standards.

Personnel Training

  • Training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols to all employees.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Provision of personal protective equipment to all employees.
  • Hand sanitizing stations for our guests and staff around public areas.

Physical distance

  • Floor signage and informative posters for physical distance.
  • Proper arrangement of bar and pool tables to ensure appropriate distancing.
  • Physical distance between the sun beds at the pool area.

Cleaning and disinfection protocols

  1. The hotel has chosen approved for use disinfectants effective against bacteria and viruses and appropriate for SARS- CoV-2.

Guest rooms

1. Enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols are used to clean guest rooms with attention to high touched surfaces.
2. Steam cleaners for the disinfection of fabric surfaces such us sofas, chairs
3. Cleaning of the room is done upon request on the reception desk to minimize contact of the cleaning personnel. Upon check-in, you can inform us on how often you would like us to clean the room.

Public areas

  • Increased cleaning regimes have been established in all public areas.
  • All staff has been trained on maintaining social distancing.
  • Reception staff has been trained on providing guests with the appropriate information upon arrival.
  • Discrete physical barrier/screening has been considered for the protection of reception.
  • Air Conditioning Cleaning, according to governmental protocols.

Front office desk

1. Guest’s personal data (address, telephone number, email) during check-in, for public health protection and the possible need of tracing.
2. All key cards disinfected prior to use.
3. POS terminals disinfected after guest use.
4. A complete medical kit available at the front office.
5. Guests are informed for the services that are officially suspended or altered.

Bar services

  • A hand disinfection stand at the bar entrance.
  • Tables are arranged with appropriate physical distancing.

Pool Operation

  • Max capacity number of people in the pool is 1per 5 m2.
  • Chairs and tables are arranged with appropriate physical distance and disinfected after each use.

Suppliers of goods & services

All our Contractors and suppliers of goods and services follow similar Safety Protocols measures.

The hotel has in place an action plan in case of COVID-19 suspected cases of guests or staff members which complies with Greece’s Hotel protocols and legislation. The Management of our Hotel is committed in fully implementing Greece’s Hotel Safety Protocol “HEALTH FIRST”.

Thank you again for the time that you have spent reading this section.
We wish you a safe and pleasant stay in our hotel!


Latania, 2020-2021.

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